Shilajit, Food for your Cells from ancient times

Audio explanation About Shilajit LIST OF ORGANIC AND INORGANIC ELEMENTS IN SHILAJIT Fulvic, Folic and Humic acids; Iron; Zinc; Magnesium; Copper; Nickel; Potassium; Manganese; Silicon; Silver; Sodium; Sulfur; Iodine; Strontium; Rubidium; Cesium; Barium; Phosphorus; Chromium; Antimony; Vanadium; Molybdenum; Carotenoids retinol, Terpenoids; B, C, E vitamins; Melanoidin; Benzoic acid; Polyphenol complexes; Dibenzo-alpha pyrones; Phospholipids Triterpenes and Phenolic acids; Albuminoids; Bioflavonoids; Hippuric and Oxalic acid; Tannic acid; … Continue reading Shilajit, Food for your Cells from ancient times

Pine Pollen Tincture

If you would like to have more energy, sleep better, have a healthy libido you definitely should try Pine pollen tincture. What health benefits are provided by this yellow powder, which is one of nature’s premier superfoods? Pine pollen contains human androgens like testosterone and by using it as a tincture you can boost your testosterone levels within minutes. For this reason testosterone has gained … Continue reading Pine Pollen Tincture