Chaga Mushroom ( Inonotus obliquus ) Elixir Preventing Herpes Simplex.

Herpes simplex is a contagious viral infection. An unborn baby can get it from the mother before it is born, and have complications after birth, or it can be gotten from touching open sores that are caused by the virus. HSV-1 (cold sores) and HSV-2 (genitals) are the two types of herpes simplex, and can cause a variety of symptoms including breathing difficulties.

Where can chaga mushroom help?

Some of the symptoms of herpes simplex can include small blisters filled with fluid that mouth, skin, lips (cold sores), or even the genitals. It can even spread to the eyes or brain. However, there is good news; the herpes
simplex virus can be prevented by
a chaga mushroom elixir, according to a study.


Chaga mushroom extract tested for herpes simplex virus

Herpes simplex is a very contagious virus. HSV can travel to the esophagus, lungs, or colon. It can cause breathing issues in the host, and shortness of breath. HH Pan, XT Yu, et al., from the Guangdong Institute of Microbiology in China tested an aqueous extract from chaga mushroom (Inonotus obliquus (higher Basidiomycetes)) to see if it could prevent herpex simplex.

Popular as a prescription in traditional medicine in both Asia and Europe, chaga medicinal mushroom has been used to reduce inflammation in the nasopharynx to help breathing for people with herpes.

The prevention of herpes simplex virus was based on keeping it from entering by inhibiting the viral-induced membrane fusion, in the testing. The test results showed that the a extract of chaga mushroom “exhibited marked decrease in herpes simplex virus (HSV) infection … [and] the mechanism of anti-HSV activity was found against the early stage of viral infection through inhibition of viral-induced membrane fusion.”

Based on these results, the chaga mushroom extract “could effectively prevent HSV-1 entry by acting on viral glycoproteins, leading to the prevention of membrane fusion.” So breathe easy, because this means that chaga mushroom may indeed help prevent herpes simplex symptoms

A new study even founds that Herpes is linked to alzheimer disease so its better to get this virus out of your system.
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