Gaia Pristine H2O Distiller

Nature has a tremendous distilling plant. As the sun shines over gaia and water bodies, vapors rise and all impurities are left behind. Then the clouds recondense the water and bring it naturally distilled back to the gaia.

As rain falls it collects minerals and poisonous chemicals while cleaning the air and making it fit to breathe. It is good, naturally distilled water, except for what it picks up as it falls. When it reaches the ground it is divinely designed to do one thing, to pick up minerals in the ground and act as a carrier of mineral nutrients distributing them evenly to plant life. These inorganic minerals are wonderful, but only for plants.

The Curative Power of Distilled Water Introduction | Dr. Robert Cassar

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Distilled water – The purest water

So, distilled water is the only water that has been turned into vapor so that its impurities are left behind. Upon condensing, it becomes pure distilled water. It is the only type of water which meets the definition of water; hydrogen + oxygen, becoming a perfectly natural water. It is odorless, colorless and tasteless and it is free of virtually all inorganic minerals including salt.

gaia pristine water

How does a water distiller work ?


Two kinds of water

In general we can say that there are only two kinds of water. Pure or distilled water and mineralized water.

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