choconat afbeelding

Choconat Cocoa and chocolate strengthens your natural resistance against oxidativestress.
The natural cocoa flavanols in chocolate protect the body against the negative effects of free radicals (brought on by stress, air pollution, etc.). They help to make you feel great and in top condition. This specific health benefit was shown in at least 16 independent human studies with cocoa and chocolate.

Oxidative stress.
Free radicals are small molecules generated during normal metabolic processes in the human body. Excessive free radical production is triggered by, for instance, stress, smoking, exposure to sunlight, air pollution, or the excessive use of alcohol. In these situations, cocoa flavanols from foods such as fruit and vegetables can help neutralise the excess of free radicals that might otherwise have a harmful effect on the body.
Recent studies suggest that the consumption of cocoa flavanols can also play an important role in supporting our health and well-being as they are able to neutralise free radicals.
ChocoNat Activ-Cacao claims
Contains more active flavanols than standard ( raw )chocolate on the market
Helps to maintain healthy cells by neutralizing freeradicals
Increases the body’s ability to fight free radicals
Strengthens your natural defences against oxidative stress
Helps to protect your body by reducing (harmful) free radicals
Demonstrates antioxidant effects and helps to protect the cells against oxidation

Scientific Research… More @mrchocobean

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