He Shou Wu Root Elixir ( Spagyric )

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Spagyric medicine is a natural method of health care based on medicinal plants more about this extraction methode here

The amazing benefits of He Shou Wu Root. This anti-aging herb is commonly known in the west as Fo-Ti root (or Fo-Ti-Tieng) and is a member of the buckwheat family.
It is a powerful Kidney and Liver Tonic. Its very action of restoring gray hair back to colour is testimony to this.
He Shou Wu can help to reduce problems with weak painful knees and lower back pain, which are often a result of a kidney deficiency as is a low sexual energy.
He Shou Wu is a tonic for the endocrine glands; it improves health, stamina and resistance to disease. It is used to reduce cholesterol because of its lecithin. It is used for angina pectoris, bloody stools, hypoglycemia, diabetes, night sweating, schizophrenia, chronic bronchitis, epilepsy, head injuries, impotence, malaria, sores, cuts, and ringworm. It promotes red blood cells, helps rid intestinal parasites, and is good for resistance to cold.

Studies show that He Shou Wu extract improves the cardiovascular system, enhances immune functions, slows the degeneration of glands, increases antioxidant activity, and reduces the accumulation of lipid peroxidation.
It has ant- aging properties, thereby also reducing the risk of fatal diseases (e.g., cancer) and incidents (e.g., heart attack, stroke).

Also, traditionally this herb is said to increase essence and blood. This combination of attributes indicates that it would increase fertility in a woman and sperm in a man since essence and blood are the two necessary qualities required to bare a child. Both men and women attempting to have children should take He Shou Wu.

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The Science of He Shou Wu ( Dutch Google translate here)

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