Astragalus is an  essential herb for cold and flu season and is well known to help fight viral & bacteria infections, inflammation, and even  cancer. It quickly and effectively strengthens the  immunesystem and increases white blood count which makes it highly beneficial for warding off and reducing the effects of colds, flu, respiratory ailments, herpes, shingles, and immune system disorders. Astragalus is also excellent at promoting circulation and helping to reduce chest pains, lower high blood pressure, and prevent cardiovascular problems such as arrhythmia and heart disease. Astragalus is great for managing #diabetesand helping to lower blood sugar.

It is highly beneficial for the liver and kidneys and has been shown to help those suffering from #hepatitis, chronic nephritis, jaundice, and renal  disease. It can also help to lower stomach #acidity which helps those suffering from ulcers and indigestion. It helps to prevent fats from being absorbed from the intestines which promotes healthy waste elimination. Astragalus has also been found to help boost metabolism and increase energy and endurance levels which ultimately can lead to substantial  weightloss.

From the perspective of Traditional Chinese Medicine Astragalus is considered to be an excellent ‘chi tonic’, meaning that it supports the movement of the subtle pranic energy of the body and all of the interrelated metabolic functions that are dependent upon it. It has a pronounced effect on supporting the ‘wei chi’ of the body – the protective forcefield that surrounds us as well as operates just underneath the surface of the skin, and is generated in no small degree by the lungs. This form of protective prana is considered to be the ‘front line’ of our immune system that deals with invading pathogens, which further adds to the immunological benefits and also goes a long way to describe why Astragalus is so good for the skin. So Astragalus can increase the force and current of this protective chi all around the body, as well as positively impacting other subtle energy channels that influence digestion, respiratory function, the firmness and stability of internal organs (anti-prolapse) and healthy, upright posture.

Astragalus works well with conventional treatments and has even shown to be an effective complement to those undergoing chemotherapy and #HIV/#AIDS treatments. It has long been used as an #antiaging and #longevity tonic that enhances all the systems of the body and promotes overall #health and balance. Astragalus is commonly found online or at your local health food store in tincture, extract, capsule, or tea form. The highest quality astragalus extract / tincture that can be added to tea, smoothies, and can also be found online….

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